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Preserving history

Who we are

The AUCKLAND COASTAL DEFENCES HISTORICAL TRUST is a registered charitable trust formed to preserve the history, and assist the Department of Conservation (DOC) restore and maintain the historic sites at North Head and Fort Takapuna (Fort Cautley) as significant tourist attractions and areas of public interest. The surplus income from any tourist or associated activities will be used to further develop DOC capacity to restore the historic, archaeological and amenity values of the sites for the region.

The Trust has been granted a concession from DOC to conduct guided tours at both locations.

It is estimated that there are around 500,000 visitors per year to North Head alone. The Trust has designed tours and has guides who will enhance the visitor experience, and all profits are used to restore the historic aspects of the sites and maintain them.

There are a number of underground installations not open to the public that can be brought to high standards and interest for the visitor. In addition most of the currently accessible areas can be greatly improved for visitors and tourists without degrading the amenity values.

The Trust's concession gives the right to charge for guided tours and unique experiences that can be developed around the forts, and their history. Revenue earned will be used to restore and improve the sites, preserving and enhancing the sites historical values.

Tours can be arranged for a variety of groups ranging from school educational visits through to organized tours for tour groups or cruise ships. Times and content can be adapted to suit your purpose and schedule.

The Trust accepts any charitable donation to enable it to continue its work as described above. We are also seeking volunteers to assist in tours, or in the administration of the Trust. If you wish to contribute, just contact us.


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