Forts of Auckland

Preserving history


The Historic Forts of Auckland is registered with DOC as guides and we have access to and open areas that are normally closed to the public. We have variety of tours of both North Head and Fort Takapuna. They can be adapted to meet the needs of your group and the time available.

Some of the highlights include:

  • The location and history of Gun emplacements from 1870s to 1950s, including the North Head disappearing gun
  • The Russian scare and "Kaskowiski"
  • The design and construction of the 3 main battery positions.
  • Actual guns including the 8-inch BLHP "disappearing gun" and saluting battery.
  • Supporting magazines, Observation Posts, engineering, searchlight positions, stores, offices and accommodation. 

Your guides are experienced and will focus on the aspects that are of interest to your group.

Because of the tunnels we are restricted in the size of groups set by DOC to a maximum of 16. For larger groups we have been able to make this fit by offering two or more simultaneous tours of North Head and the groups can compare notes. Combined with a rotation over two blocks of say hour and a half and most of North Heads features will be covered. You will need reasonable shoes and a few torches.

During the summer period (daylight saving), we conduct regular tours of North Head every Saturday and Sunday starting a 10 am from the Navy Museum for a period of 2 hours. 

Prior Booking Essential. Please ensure that all bookings are made at least 24 hours in advance, so we can arrange for the necessary staff to be available to guide you.  For bookings phone +64 9 4458199.

Click here for a tour Flyer.

For school tours we can provide teacher notes/questions, and we have a concession rate.


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